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3 Considerations When Choosing a Pet Containment System

Posted by Carlos on 1/29/2014
Just like people, pets need to be able to exercise to stay healthy. If you have a dog that needs to roam, but you don’t have a fence around your yard, choosing the right kind of containment system means the dog is free to run around, but won’t wander into the road or the neighbors’ property. These invisible barriers are ideal for many homeowners. Here are three things to consider as you’re choosing the system that is right for you.

Five Ways to Pamper Your Dog

Posted by Steve on 1/15/2014
There is nothing wrong with coddling your canine. After all, your dog is a valuable part of your family. They provide you with companionship, exercise and maybe even security—depending on the breed. Therefore, they deserve to be pampered a little. Here are a few ways you can spoil your dog—without overdoing it on the treats.

Selecting the Right Fence System for Your Yard

Posted by Steve on 1/14/2014
Keeping your beloved dog contained in your yard is one of your most important duties as a responsible pet owner. Not so long ago, the only option you had was to put up an expensive wooden, wire or iron fence that kept your pet from running off of your property. Today, numerous pet fence options exist to fit your budget.

How a Pet Fence Protects You and Your Dog

Posted by Dupree on 1/9/2014
Your dog is much more than a pet. He is your best friend and a family member who needs your love and protection as much as a child needs a parent. Not only does a pet fence provide your companion with the protection he needs, but it offers you the safety and security of keeping him close to home.

How Electronic Pet Fences Work

Posted by Dupree on 1/8/2014
Pet owners with animals that spend time outdoors must find ways to contain the pets within a certain area. When animals stray, they encounter dangers from traffic, other animals and disgruntled neighbors. One solution is installation of an electronic perimeter fence, a common and humane solution based on electric shock deterrents.

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