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Who Is Being Protected?

Posted by Pet Fence Battery on 7/23/2014

Have you ever wondered, when passing a house with a sign that informs you that there is an underground pet fence installed on the property, whether it’s there to protect passersby like you from the dogs, or if it’s there to protect the dogs from the world beyond the perimeter of the yard? It’s especially questionable when the dogs within the fence seem to be particularly vicious, with bared teeth and snarling muzzle, barking with extreme urgency at you, as you pass.

Attack Dogs?

It seems that, more often than not, the dogs contained by invisible pet fences are, in reality, man-eating canines with avaricious appetites, just separated from their next meal by an invisible fence, buried just beneath the lawn. And as you pass, you pray that the fence will continue to work dependably, the entire length of time it takes you to safely pass and evacuate the area. Just to be sure, you certainly don’t take your eyes off of the dog(s) the entire time you are in their view, while posturing, ever ready to strike back and make a dash for it, or kick into whatever action that becomes available to you as a measure of self defense.

Protecting Their Turf

Well, in theory, invisible pet fences are there for the sake of protecting the dogs within the yard. And, if you really think about it, protecting them extends to protecting you, as a dog that may be likely to attack a passerby may be sealing their fate by doing so. So, the invisible pet fence is there for the safety of the dog(s,) to allow them the freedom to run and get healthy exercise, but with limits, for their protection. And it could be that some of these dogs become a little more aggressive/assertive with any passersby who, for all intents and purposes are treading on their turf. It’s a natural inclination, for dogs to protect their territory, so don’t be overly alarmed by the ones that do it to excess. Just continue to walk on by, at a sensible gait, and whatever you do, try to avoid taunting the dog or exacerbating their state of agitation. As soon as you have passed the lot, the dog will go back to whatever he or she was doing, and you will be forgotten.

I guess we should consider invisible pet fences as protection for everyone, then. Whatever their purpose, they do a great job of it, and everyone’s a little safer because of their presence.

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 Who Is Being Protected?

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