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Safely and Effectively Stopping Excessive Dog Barking

Posted by Steve McJuary on 3/20/2015

Safely and Effectively Stopping Excessive Dog BarkingAll dogs bark and some do more than others. While barking can be a nuisance, barking is a sign of security, a way of alarming owners when visitors stop by, during playtime, and to also communicate with you on what they need.


Non-stop barking, however, can become a problem for not only you and other household members, but also for the neighborhood. There are ways to combat excessive barking from your dog and these don't revolve around punishment or inflicting harm.


Remove your dog from what is tempting him to bark. If you notice it's the neighbors outside making him bark, bring him inside. Don't assume your dog will get used to the people he sees often and stop barking at them.


Your attention is seen as a reward and when your dog's barking is noticed by you, he's more likely to do it more. Within reason, try to ignore the barking to see if he'll stop.


Teach your dog how to "speak" or bark on command. Tell your dog to "speak" and after he's done so a few times, reward him with a treat. Repeat this a few times while your dog learns to bark when told to.

Use a barking deterrent system like those from PetSafe. With the use of a collar, this system will detect a bag within a specific range and will sound a noise that only the dog can hear which will cue him to stop barking. This safe and reliable system is cost-effective and will prevent a dog from continuously barking.

These barking control systems use a microphone to sense barking from 25 to 50 feet away as well as use an ultrasound to deter the barking. To learn more about the PetSafe bark control products we carry, contact us today.

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