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H2O1830-PLUS H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer with Rise and Jump

Part Number PF-0182
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H2O1830-PLUS H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer with Rise and Jump
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H2O1830-PLUS H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer

with Rise and Jump


The H2O 1830 PLUS remote trainer comes with Nick Stimulation, Continuous Stimulation and Jump Stimulation and Rise Stimulation features. This unit has an 1800 yard (1 mile) range and 16 levels of stimulation. The transmitter and collar unit are completely waterproof. This unit is expandable to 3 collars.

The H2O 1800 PLUS series is a reliable collar system that can expand to a 2-dog or 3-dog system that can be used in a wide variety of applications. This fully waterproof unit covers both basic and advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. Whether you are knee-deep in cold, icy waters or tall grass on a dry, sunny day, the H2O PLUS is designed with the harshest environments in mind. Our versatile Vibration feature, revolutionary Jump and Rise Stimulations and convenient Beeper/Locator are also available on select H2O 1800 PLUS models.

All H2O 1800 PLUS series models have an 1800 yard (1 mile) range and come with completely waterproof and rechargeable (Ni-MH batteries) transmitter and collar units. The transmitter has a reliable No-Slip/Soft-Grip rubber coating and will actually FLOAT ON WATER. 16 levels of Nick and Continuous Stimulations come standard on every model in the H2O 1800 PLUS series line-up. The Vibration feature is available in the H20 1820 PLUS. The Jump and Rise Stimulation features are found on the H2O 1830 PLUS. The H2O 1850 PLUS comes with a Beeper/Locator. The H2O 1810 PLUS, H2O 1820 PLUS, and H2O 1830 PLUS are expandable to a 2-dog or 3-dog system by adding H2O Add-On collar unit(s). The H2O 1850 PLUS is expandable to a 2-dog system by adding an H2O 1850 Add-On collar unit.

Vibration is a great feature with many different applications. Many of our competitors use a tone feature that makes the collar unit emit a quiet beep. We feel that Vibration is a more effective alternative because your dog is the only dog that will feel the vibration (other dogs can hear your dog's tone and your dog may hear another dog's tone command, which may cause confusion). Like with most humans, most dogs will also lose their hearing as they get older so it will become increasingly difficult for them to hear the audible tone, but they will always be able to feel the Vibration feature. Also, your dog will be able to feel the vibration when the collar unit is submersed under water if he goes swimming. The tone from other collars may not be heard if the collar is under water. Depending on how you train with it, Vibration can be a warning, a command, a way to get your dog's attention, a substitution for stimulation (especially for sensitive dogs), or even a reward just to name a few uses.

The Jump Stimulation* is a great feature for training methods that involve 'jumping' frequently between two different stimulation levels. As before, you can set a level of intensity to the Nick or Continuous Stimulation buttons that is appropriate for training your dog. The Jump Stimulation button allows you to set a second, self-programmed stimulation level higher or lower than your normal intensity level setting. Applying a correction at the right intensity level quickly and timely is paramount in dog training with e-collars. With the Jump Stimulation feature, you won’t have to have to fumble around with the stimulation setting at the time that the correction is needed, so the chances of applying a stimulation too late or at the wrong intensity level are virtually eliminated. The Jump Stimulation is also useful in emergency or dangerous situations when your dog is excited and not responding to the normal stimulation level. If you do not have time to increase the intensity level in these situations, the Jump Stimulation is a fast and convenient way to get your dog's attention before the situation gets out of hand.

Another valuable feature is Rise Stimulation*. The Rise Stimulation button continuously increases the stimulation level until the button is released. This allows you to hold the Rise button until you notice a response from the dog, essentially allowing the dog to choose the appropriate level of stimulation. Prior to the Rise Stimulation, dog trainers had to guess at the correct stimulation level for individual dogs. With Rise Stimulation, the dog responds to a level that matches his temperament.

Our Beeper/Locator is controlled from the handheld transmitter and is audible from up to 450 yards away. There are 3 functions: Locate, Run & Point mode, and Point Only mode. The Locate button will make the collar unit beep any time it is pressed to help you locate your dog. The Run & Point mode will make the collar beep one way while your dog is on the move and another way when he stops to point. The Point Only mode will make the collar beep only when your dog has stopped to point.


  • Expandable to 2-dog or 3-dog system with Add-On collars
  • 1800 Yard (1 Mile) Range
  • FLOATING Transmitter with No-Slip/Soft-Grip rubber coating
  • 16 Levels of Intensity adjusted from the Transmitter
  • Maxx-Range™ Internal Collar Antenna System
  • Gentle Touch™ System Extra Mild Stimulation
  • Built-In Safety Shut-Off
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery System
  • Completely Waterproof Transmitters and Collars
  • H2O 1810 PLUS is expandable up to 3 collars
  • H2O 1820 PLUS has Vibration and is expandable up to 3 collars
  • H2O 1830 PLUS has Jump and Rise Stimulations and is expandable up to 3 collars
  • H2O 1850 PLUS has a Beeper/Locator and is expandable to 2 collars

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