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Choosing the Best Dog Fence Wire for Your Property

Posted by Steve McJuary on 10/20/2014

If you are in the process of installing a dog fence, we can provide items that you want that will ensure to be fitted for your needs and your yard. For the do-it-yourselfer, you want to be educated before installing your dog fence, specifically when you are dealing with the dog fence wire.

There are many sellers of fence wire out there, but do not be fooled by what they say is the best dog fence wire. Every preference is your own when choosing the correct wire for your specific situation. But in most circumstances it is encouraged to use Monster Dog Pro Fence Wire, as it is your best option for your home or property.

There are different three types of dog fence wire to choose from; Stranded, Solid, and Twisted.

Stranded Wire has the following properties:

·         Will not kink under any circumstance. Making it more flexible.

·         Better for cold weather climates.

·         Chew resistant.

Solid Dog Fence Wire has the following properties:

·         Not kink resistant

·         If the ground freezes or settles, the wire will snap or break

·         Chew resistant.

Monster Dog Pro Wire comes in 14 gauge (45mil), and 16 gauge (45mil and 60mil) recommended pro grade; while 18 gauge (38mil), and 20 gauge (28mil) are economy grade.

With these tips, you should be able to choose the right dog fence wire for you. Buying our wire can save 50% or more on installation. Contact Pet Fence and Battery today for all your dog fence needs.

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